Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pics, Pics, Pics

Finally figured out how to put pics on blog from here!!!! We are loving Arabella (Evelyn), She is very sweet, but has a bad cold right now =(. We are hoping to have court this Thursday and head home Friday, please pray that all the paperwork is in place. This will greatly move the process along. We have met an Italian and Spanish family here adopting little boys that are both 2! I have lot's more pics and will post more later. Thank you for following and all prayers =)))))))))))))


  1. Oh my, she is PRECIOUS! She looks a lot like you with those blue eyes!!!

  2. I am really happy for your family! Arabella is SO cute! It's so cool to see pics of these places that I just left, sitting here in Ktown I almost miss it :)