Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Pics

Some more pics =)))) Once I have more time and quicker computer I am going to try to blog back tracking from our flight on our day to day process/trip. Both the boys and Michael have been sick, but are now better. I really hope I do not get it. We found out today that in Arabella's (Evelyn's) group the caretakers call her Ella as a nickname and she responds to it. It even sounds like the way we would pronounce it. So as we are changing her name to Arabella, we decided as a nickname we will call her Ella. She is already used to being called that so it will be one less change for her. We are shocked with her attention span. She will sit and look at a book for about 20 minutes, literally. She seems very calm but very curious. Please all pray hard about the voting about adoptions in this country. We recently found out they passed the first of 2 votes to I guess ratify adoption here. Which would in turn stop adoptions here temorarily or who knows for how long. In US Gov website it states that it looks like it will also include suspension of people in process now. This law in general will greatly effect the children. There are so many loving families in the process or starting the process to come adopt these children. With out going into much detail I will say it is emergent that some of these children get home and quickly. The need is critical. Bieng here and seeing this is truly life changing, like nothing I have ever seen before. i have been to others countries and seen adoption ect but never really taken it in like this. These children penetrate to your soul and the longing and desperation in there eyes is life impacting. Life is VERY tough and to say we are fortunate is a huge, huge understatement. I pray that as all this resonates with me it stays with me. That I don't go home and quickly fall into the all to familiar state of consumption and poor me and my poor life. Because I am blessed beyond means and measures that are to difficult to put into words. As an American we are very used to things coming easy and smoothly. We have made friends with an Italian couple here and they have told us also how much easier the adoption is for Americans. We come in and have a much easier and quicker process. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but to them this appears to be the case. We have also met a very nice couple here from Madrid that are adopting. Sorry I went on there there is just SO much emotion to all this and I wish i could write openly so much more. But for now we pray to have court and get home and in return back to get Ella very soon. This will be her first Christmas home and with Santa, how amazing for us to be able to witness this. She has the cutest expression when she is suprised, she will look sideways at you with the BRIGHTEST and most BLUE eyes I have ever seen and her eyes appear to just sparkle, literally. She is loving having the boys and she will also have a little cousin MJ close in age to her. Ok I just went on again, Sorry. Enjoy the pics =)))))

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  1. Loved this post-so happy to hear your boys are doing better!! It sounds like "Ella" is a remarkable little girl. How great she will be home for Christmas!