Thursday, November 11, 2010

Court Passed

We just had our court date and passed!!!!!! We are so happy!!!! So we begin the ten day wait now. We will be heading home tommorrow morning so any prayers for safe travels would be appreciated. Then Michael will return Nov 22 to complete everything and bring home Arabella. So happy and so thankful to God =)))))) I will post more pictures once we get home!


  1. Arabella's Nana is so excited and misses her boys so!

  2. congrats!!!!! so so happy for you all!!!
    prayers for safe flights!!!

  3. Congratulations, I hope the next 10 days fly by!!!!

  4. I can't wait for you to get that beautiful little girl home. And I can't wait to have a playdate with you guys :)

  5. Hi Laurie!

    I hope everything went smoothly back in Kiev!! We are still in Odessa waiting to get custody of the kids on Monday! It was so great meeting you, and it will be wonderful to get your kids, our kids, Jenn's kids, and any other NC families together!! Happy holidays!

    xo, Kari :)