Monday, April 12, 2010


I was just thinking about Iryna and this whole journey. I love inspirational quotes and will post a few I love here.

As you go in this world, keep looking forward to the future... to all you might be.
Don't let old mistakes or misfortunes hold you down: learn from them, forgive yourself-or others- and move on.
Don't be bothered or discouraged by adversity. Instead meet it as a challenge. Be empowered by the courage it takes you to overcome obstacles. Learn things. Learn something new everyday.
Be interested in others and what they might teach you. But do not look for yourself in the face of others. Do not look for who you are in other peoples approval. As far as who you are and who you will become goes- the answer is always within yourself. Follow your heart and your dreams. You- like everyone else- will make mistakes. But as long as you are true to the strength within your own heart... you can nevew go wrong.
- Ashley Rice

Hope is knowing that there are wonderful possibilities and that miracles can happen.
Hope is beleiving that until nothing is left, something good exists somewhere.
Hope is understanding that change is possible and that anything can happen.
Hope is being able to imagine that something positive can come out of heartache and pain and that nothing and NO ONE is hopeless.
Hope gives each of us the courage to face lifes challenges, the motivation to move forward, and the strength to go on.
- Barbara Cage

I love those to Quotes. They are so true.
Do something bigger than yourself, take a chance!

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