Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Journey

This is the beginning-the end depending on who is reading this. The start of a new journey but the end of one started years ago. As I post I know that I we will not share this blog with everyone right away. We have been on this adoption journey a long time and had many ups and downs. There have been many times and many conversations that have pushed me to walk away, but my heart keeps coming back here. I know that God has a child, that from day one has been meant to be with us. This has all been part of his plan. To turn away from his will when I feel it so strong in my heart would be wrong. Therefore we go forward with complete confirmation that this is Gods plan for us. In all the steps he has been leading us here. When we first saw her picture something happened that has never happened to me before. I felt a certain conviction and my heart lit up. I was granted the certainty I needed. Because believe me I have had many doubts and a lot of people close to me have walked this journey with me and heard and seen all of them. I am sure some people will think we are crazy, but have no doubt that is so far from the case. I am following my lifelong dream and have so many times turned away due to fear and what if's. I have given up and not listened to my heart. This time though I will not let fear turn me away, because I know God is with us on this journey. So therefore it is only fair that we introduce to you Iryna.

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