Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dillon's "Pa" angel

As i posted before my Dad passed away unexpectedely this past December. He was a healthy wonderful man, father and Pa. My boys have been so blessed to have had him constantly in there life. this is there first death and it is very hard for them to understand why he had to jut die. He was not ever sick. He happened to get the horrible H1N1 virus and had a three week struggle but in the end went home to God. We were fortunate enough to have a few weeks at his bedside before he passed. My boys constantly talk about him, whenever we talk about family and names come up, they are the first to add Pa if it has not been said. Dillon had a very special relashonship with my Dad. During my two years of Nursing school my dad would watch him every day. Many days I would drive up to find them wandering around outside, with my Dad just following Dillon everywhere. My Dad was such a gentle man and always just did what ever made you happy. as evidenced by hours of just following Dillon around outside. Well Dillon drew these little angel pictures of my dad and posted them up. It really touched my heart. I scanned one , it is a little dirty from all the handling but to me there are no words of how precious this is from my six year old.

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  1. Dear Ir ~ Amazing that I found this post about your Sweet dad, just days before Fathers Day. I know that you really miss him and this Fathers day will be difficult...but, you can live with the Peace and Joy that your Daddy is with The Father on this special day. My Daddy is there with them! You will be in my thoughts and Prayers on Sunday. And, my Prayers will continue as you travel the road to bringing your Beautiful Daughter HOME!
    With Love in Christ ~ Jo