Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am so sorry I have not blogged in a long time. We have had so much going on. So much happy and sad news. It has been very hard but we have lost the referral of Iryna. This has taken a long time to write about. She grew so huge in our hearts. With her bieng HIV + I quess we thought her chances of bieng adopted by another family were very small. For her though we are so happy, she no longer waits. We continue to follow GOD and his plans for us. We are bursting about the potential of our adoption plans but are very hesitant to become emotionally attached once again. I don't want to write to much about everything but please pray for our journey!!!


  1. I am sorry for you that you lost your referral but rejoicing that you are continuing to be led to walk the adoption road and that ANOTHER child (or two) will find their forever family! Hang in there. Adoption is HARD! It makes you weep and cry and wonder why so many times, that you can't breathe sometimes. But it is worth it. I know that when WE finally walk off the plane with our boy - that we will quickly forget all the agony of the journey! When you finally have in your arms those whom God has chosen for you - it will be the same. Praying for peace for you and for wisdom as you continue to seek His will and desire for your family.

  2. I'll be following along!