Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have been going back and forth in my head about what we are doing. Questioning if I am out of my mind. But how can giving a child a family be wrong in any way. It takes nothing to love someone. yes mayby financially this is not the right time to adopt. But is there ever a right time, will we ever be financially well off? I don't think so and if we have this in our hearts and follow God's desire for us then why is it wrong, you tell me? None of these children deserve to wait a minute longer, I can't imagine them waking up scared or sick and having no one. I also was thinking about myself and feel so fortunate. If you know me you know I am a very deep person, when I am passionate or determined about something there is no stoping me. I think my husband probably gets sick of my constant need to know the why of everything, to feel everything inside and out. I sometimes wonder though if I am extremely fortunate or if this is a burden. I feel things and emotions so deep, but not just for myself, for others. It affects me a lot at work, when someone is hurting emotionally or lonely I feel the ache, the catch in my throat. Sometimes it's overwhelming because i also have all my own hurts, worries ect. But I feel blessed to be able to feel emotions so deep, to me this is a gift and makes me feel so alive. I don't ever want to become just surface, the intensity of my emotions and feelings for others makes me who I am.

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